Finding time for romance in our busy lives can seem like a daunting task. We’re so caught up in our own stressors and obligations, that we can’t possibly imagine taking time out for something that’s more of a luxury than a requirement. But romance should never be overlooked! Romance is an important part of a healthy relationship, no matter how busy you are. In this article, we’ll discuss the definition of romance and the challenge of maintaining a romantic relationship in the face of our constantly busy lifestyles.

Tips for Incorporating Romance into a Busy Lifestyle

A. Making Time for Special Dates
It’s important to make time for special dates even when you’re busy – whether that’s something formal like a dinner out or something simple like a movie night at home. Put the time in your calendar to make it official. Even if it’s quick, having designated time allows you to make extra effort. Who doesn’t appreciate getting dressed up for a fancy dinner or having a surprise flower bouquet waiting for them at home? Make an effort to show your partner that you still care.

B. Spontaneous Moments of Romance
Having a plan for the special dates is important, but don’t forget about those spontaneous romance moments. It could be as small as holding hands while walking or snuggling up on the sofa to watch Netflix. Text your partner throughout the day with funny messages or surprise them with a takeaway dinner when they’re having a tough day. It’s the little things that will make them smile.

C. Intimacy Even When Time is Limited
Intimacy is vital in any relationship but it often gets kicked to the curb when one of you (or both of you) has a hectic schedule. Make time for some physical connection even if it’s brief. Take five minutes before bed to lie down and chat together or sneak in a quick kiss before leaving for work. If possible, pencil it into the calendar together – this will ensure you’re both on the same page and committed to making it happen.

Benefits of Intentional Romance

A. Eliminating Stress
A little romance may be just what the doctor ordered to help reduce stress. When your days are filled to the brim with meetings and errands, setting aside time for romance can provide a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Unexpected gestures, like flowers, gifts, a surprise date night and impromptu pep talks can help to lift your spirits and make you forget about the pressures and obligations in from daily life. Getting lost in the moment with your significant other may be the only break you get from the stresses of the day.

B. Improvement in Communication
A busy schedule can take its toll on relationships, so making sure to incorporate romance into your daily routine is an important way to stay connected and avoid misunderstandings. Taking the time to communicate with one another instead of making assumptions or placing blame can lead to more meaningful conversations and help deepen your relationship. Whether it’s a candlelit dinner for two or a spur-of-the-moment kiss, carving out that time to just enjoy each other is worth the effort and helps foster mutual understanding.

C. Strengthening the Relationship
Regardless of what life throws at you, carving out time for romance strengthens the bond between you and your significant other and helps create shared experiences. Doing something special together by taking turns trying new activities or going for a romantic walk helps to bring you closer and serves as a reminder that there is still romance in the air, even when life is busy. Taking the time to share thoughtful words of appreciation or to mend any lingering issues also helps to bring you closer and lets you both recognize how much you mean to each other.

Incorporating romance in a busy life may not come easily, but with intentional effort and a bit of creativity, you can make sure to find special moments of connection and appreciation in your everyday. With the added benefit of feeling the positive effects of reducing stress, improving communication, and strengthening the relationship, taking a little extra time for romance can be well worth it.


Life really doesn’t always have to be so fast-paced, overwhelming and hectic. It is possible to establish a romantic lifestyle that allows us to take a break and reconnect. Taking time for romance even in the busiest lifestyles can do wonders for the soul and create lasting effects on the relationship. Find ways to turn the everyday routines into special moments for your connection. This can be in the form of meaningful conversations, or silly things like randomly sending a funny GIF to your partner or signing up for a couples dance class. Little moments like these can have an immense impact on your romantic life in the long-term.

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